Fishing Report:

June Tortugas

Author: Austin Porter

June 2019 Dry Tortugas Fishing Trip

Back in June decided to go South to Tortugas for a few days. Our last day of fishing before coming home was a memory of a life time. We fish 2 days prior to this day with slow fishing. However the last day we woke up from Key West and ran almost to Tortugas drifting for the muttons and groupers.. From about 7am- 11am we caught muttons and groupers.. Then we decided lets go finish our snapper limit off a wreck we know of. 

Once we got close to the wreck, we noticed there was a shrimp boat anchored on it. Little did we know, the shrimper was still awake with all his by catch still aboard. Once we pulled closer the snappers were literally on the surface waiting for the chum. In all this chaos, we caught mangrove snapper to 8lbs on the surface and yellowtails to 3-4lbs. 

I caught my largest mangrove snapper to date with Bullbuster 20lb mono and 40lb leader. The great part about this day was the snapper were on the surface the sharks literally had no chance of eating the fish for once. The muttons and grouper were caught on arrowhead 4oz Gettin' Jiggy jigs while drifting in about 90 feet of water. We put glow worms on the jigs and jigged them and some we put bait and left them in the rod holder and dragged them along.

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