Fishing Report:

June Tarpon Fishing In Miami - Tarpon Off A Paddleboard!

Author: Alex Wexler

Tarpon Fishing From A Paddle Board & A Kayak

Tarpon Caught From A Paddleboard

Last week Colby and I set out off Miami Beach to see if the Tarpon were still biting and we weren't disappointed.  I launched in a Kayak and Colby took out one of my paddle boards.  

Tarpon Fishing On A Paddle Board

Conditions were flat calm and I was a bit worried that the water was going to be too clear but Bullbuster 50lb flouro seemed to continue to do the trick. Within minutes I was hooked up on a 80 pound fish.

Tarpon Fishing On A Kayak

As I was signaling to Colby to come to the area I was in I heard him yell and next thing I know another 80lb fish breaks water behind his paddleboard.  

Tarpon Underwater

We were both in for the sleigh ride and luckily the fish stayed in the same area and didn't head for the cut.  

Tarpon Fishing From A Paddle Board

I really cant say enough about the Bullbuster line. I was using Bullbuster 50lb braid.  At one point about 30 minutes into the fight I had the drag locked down and was cupping the spool basically trying to break my fish off... We had already gotten one to the paddleboard, got some pictures and gotten some solid footage my my fish jumping so I was happy with that.  

Tarpon Hooked Up On A Kayak

No need to tire every fish to exhaustion.  The hook ended up straightening on that one and the fish swam away strong which was perfectly okay to me.

We ended up going 3-3 that morning and made it to work in time! Great morning on the water.

Tight lines


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