Fishing Report:

July Dolphin Fishing Off Miami

Author: Austin Porter

July 4 Miami Offshore Fishing Report

Headed out early this day as my buddies and I had a bbq to be at around noon. As soon as we hit about 1100' feet we found some giant weed patches and started to cast jigs around them. Quickly hooking up with some schoolies that we had to measure and putting a few in the box. Next thing I noticed was about three boats literally within casting distance of us since no one knows how to respect in Miami when it comes to dolphin. I quickly chunked a few of the almaco jacks. As soon as I threw the chunks over the dolphin went into a frenzy around us and the other boats quickly realized they weren't going to be catching any and left. 

Miami Dolphin Fishing

After about 4 dolphin that were keepers of the 20 we caught we continued to search for more weed patches. All the weed patches from 1100-1800 all had some schoolies on them. It was about 10am and we decided to search for about 30 minutes longer when we pushed east to about 2400' of water when we were all alone and found one massive weed line. We worked the weed line for about a half mile without seeing a single dolphin. At the South end of the line we hooked up with a dolphin to quickly realize there were a ton of dolphin. Anything you threw (Jigs, cut bait) the dolphin were in an absolute frenzy. After about an hour of just non stop action, the last fish in the school was about a 20lb dolphin who ate a live almaco jack. We literally did not lose a single fish in that school and all were nice gaffers. 

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