Fishing Report:


Author: Austin Porter

Summer Dolphin Fishing In Miami

July 4

Decided to go find some dolphin, the ride out was choppier than excepted but once we hit about 1200 feet we went South. About 5 miles South of Fowey Rocks spotted a few birds. As soon as we drove up, the water around us was filled with electric blue. Their were just thousands of schoolies from 19-22 inches.

One of the schools we found, a bigger fish swam up. Hooked a blue runner to a 20lb mono rod and seconds he ate it. Fish ended up being 17lbs. 


We threw the fly rod, jigs, and cut bait at them, it didn't seem to matter just what was rigged at the moments when your ready. 


Most of the schoolies we caught on Bullbuster 12lb mono with 40lb leader with a Gettin' Jiggy Jig. 


This day we caught well over 100 dolphin most of them being short or right at the 20 inch fork that we just released. 


If a dolphin is exactly 20 inch fork length with you catch it, once it hits ice for a few hours it will shrink slightly making it an illegal fish. If they are close just release them, no need to push the limits. This is the best dolphin year Ive seen in a long time, their are plenty of bigger ones out their. 

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