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JoeBaggs Is A Must Have In Your Fishing Gear.

Author: Ryan Carson

One of the goto companies Carson's Charters LLC uses is JoeBaggs Outdoors From fishing for stripers to jigging for fluke and seabass JoeBaggs has something for every type of fishing. This article is going to focus on a few of my favorite products for targeting Stripers.

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-         Mojos

-          In my opinion one of the best go to options when fishing from a boat for stripers. You can troll and jig the mojos to have a chance to hook into a striper you’ll never forget.  Both the action and color patterns of the JoeBaggs are phenomenal.  Proven time after time these catch fish and can be trolled anywhere from ½ mph-5 mph.

o   3 colors ( Green Mackerel, Chartreuse, White)

o   10 sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, 12,20,24,28 and 32 oz.)

o   Mojo's 4oz- 16oz are fitted with a single 10/0 Mustad and a large Patriot Fish body

o   Mojo's 20oz-32oz are fitted with a single 10/0 Mustad and a large Freedom Fish body

o   Tandem Mojos

§  The Mojo's feature JoeBaggs custom shads (Freedom Fish & Patriot Fish bodies) which are proven up and down the eastern seaboard to catch fish consistently.  These rigs are fitted with black 200lb easy clips for easy adjustments when you’re on the bite.    


-         Replacement Tails ( Freedom Fish and Patriot Fish)

-          For those who have the JoeBaggs Mojos it’s always important to have replacement tails with you. There is nothing worse than when the yellow eyed demons show up and take a chunk out of the tail. It is a great idea to always have extra so you can switch out the old tail and throw out a new one to keep fishing. The great thing about both the Freedom and Patriot fish are they don’t have to be used only on Mojos. They can also be used with a jig head (also sold by JoeBaggs) and can be casted from shore or boat. They truly do have great durability and action.


o   Patriot Fish

§  3 sizes (Small 5.5”, medium 7.5”, large 8.5”)

§  6 colors (Blue Mackerel, Sand eel/Olive, Black Flake, Green Mackerel, Pink, White, Chartreuse Mackerel)

o   Freedom Fish

§  Size Small 6 inch and Large 8 inch

§  5 Colors (Black Silver Flake, Chartreuse Mackerel, Green Mackerel, Sand eel/ Olive, White)

-         Resin Jigs

o   4 Colors (Pink, Olive, Emerald Green, Bone)

o   3 sizes ( ½ oz, ¾ oz, 1 oz)

o   These Resin Jigs are durable and feature a thick durable clear finish around a traditional lead jig.   These are best for Albies and Bonita when they are around

o    They are also used for Lake Trout, Bluefish, Stripers, Seabass, Porgy, Tog, Flounder, and Perch.   

o   Matching the hatch is very important when targeting fish the olive color is one of my personal favorites when trying to match sand eels.


-         JoeBaggs (Swarters)

-         The JoeBaggs Swarters are life like hybrids that dive between 6-24 inches and have a tight wiggle to attract predatory fish.   They are a full 6 inches and 7 inch (coming soon) in length and have shifting weights to allow for distance casting.  

-         6 colors (Chicken Scratch, Blurple ,Bone Green Mackerel, Sardine, Pink)               

o   2 sizes (6 inch 1 oz., 7 inch 1.5 oz.) Weight transfer system in both models

o   6 inch are 1/0 vmc hook

o   7inch are 4/0 vmc hook through wired  (Coming soon)

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