Fishing Report:

Jimmy Johnson Tournament Recap

Author: Mike Milewski

I have had the privilege to get to fish Jimmy Johnson Tournament on my good buddies team for the past two years and no doubt it is truly an amazing tournament!! The entire experience is incredible on and off the water! If you have not yet fished this tournament, you need to get this event on your calendar for next year!!  

 The tournament does give teams a multitude of options to enter this tournament. There are two different main division. One is the Sailfish division (Catch & Release) and the other would be the Meat fish Division. Which allow team to weigh up two three of there heaviest fish. However only two fish of the same species. Team can enter both the Sailfish and the Meat Division, but two separate entry fees are required. In addition, teams can pick and choose several different Calcutta’s to enter as well (TWT- Tournament Within A Tournament) or go in across the board.  


The fishing boundaries are expanding every year this year teams could fish anywhere form Key Largo all the way up to Jupiter inlet. There were four different way stations as well for weigh in and dropping off your SD cards to verify the team’s sailfish releases.  

 The weather turned out to be perfect for both days of fishing, which in March can be hit or miss depending on the day. The bite, however was a bit slow. We worked hard both days just to find a few bites on both days.  


On day one we were fortunate enough to find two decent kingfish to weigh in. One was 22lbs and the other was 26lbs, which put us in 4th place overall in the meat division. Absolutely a great place to be heading into day two.   

Unfortunately, on day two we struggled to upgrade our kingfish we already weighed on day one and find another species (Wahoo, Dolphin Or Tuna) to add to our aggerate total weight.  

We ended up in 6th place overall in the Meat Division, and had an incredible time fishing this tournament and can’t wait until next year! Finger crossed we will find the bites we need to come out on top!!  

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