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Jesus Starts The Ninja Squad Off In 2017 With A Bull Shark

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Big Baits are great for Big Sharks.

Pics are not the best as the camera pics didn't save :(   After several quiet hours, Jesus's Big Bait gets picked up and catches and releases this Bull Shark. This Shark was caught on Bullbuster Monofilament. Video of the release is below.

This week Jesus was on the fish.  He hooked up to this Bull Shark after it hit his big bait and the rest was history.  It is important to make sure you use baits specific to the fish you are targeting.  In every situation there is multiple factors that you should consider.  This is not a list of how to find the best bait, just a general checklist you can do before you even head out to go fishing for the day or night.  First you should know what type of fish you want to catch.  Then you need to figure out what type of tackle set up you are going to use.  

The perfect Bait is not always the easiest to come by so planning ahead can save you some trouble.

Once you have your equipment set up you can start to look at the bait you have available.  I say available because you never know what will happen and you may find yourself scrambling to find bait when options are limited.  Now you need to take into account, Hook type/size as well as how you are going to use it.  LandShark has a few articles about baits and hooks for a more in depth explanation. Next you should have an idea of what type of fish are common in the area you are fishing, you will increase your chances of a hookup if you use bait that is found in the area. Lastly you must determine the size of the bait and how you are able to transport it, if you are using live bait you must have a way to keep it alive and fresh, if you have dead bait you need to have a way to keep it cold and juicy.


Shark on Bullbuster Mono
Cutting the hook from a shark's mouth

If you enjoyed this article check out our next fishing report, HEREWe ended up landing two big Bull Sharks and have it all on VIDEO!  Luis had the hot hand and he just could not stop reeling in Bull Sharks all night, one of them practically unhooked itself right in the surf for us.

We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. It's our mission to help you spend more time fishing. 

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