Fishing Report:

Jesus Big Bull Shark In Old But New Spot

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Florida Landbased Shark Fishing Report

Jesus went out with a couple of old friends on this trip. He wanted to fish a new spot and he went in search to find a secluded beach. He ends up fishing a beach that Luis had fished before a few years back. You never know with spots. In a short time many things can change, especially the structure on bottom caused by storms, tides etc. Jesus sets up just as the sun had set. He takes a bait out far and by the time he comes back in from the rough surf he is being told that he had lost his rock and that something had already hit his bait.  Jesus can feel something playing with the bait but not committing to it.

 After a short time Jesus reels in his bait and its missing a chunk. He takes his bait out again and now it is quiet for several hours. Sometime after midnight, Jesus’s Tiagra 130 packed with Bullbuster Braid and Bullbuster 300lb mono gets picked up. This time the shark takes the bait. It’s a good heavy battle with a couple of good runs. Jesus thinks it may be a Tiger Shark. The Shark is now close to the beach, and through a big heavy wash finally a Big Bull Shark appears. This Bull Shark is long and hefty. Jesus quickly gets the hook removed, takes a couple of good pics and releases the Bull Shark back to its habitat. The rest of the night is quiet but Jesus gets a Big Bull Shark.


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