Fishing Report:

Jesus Beach Tiger Shark

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Big Tiger Shark (Landbased Shark Fishing)

It was a rough night but Jesus had some good bait and wanted to target a Big Shark as he so often does. On this night Jesus is with his girlfriend Steph who has proven to be a great helper. This night the ocean is pretty rough but Jesus is able to take out a couple baits in the rough seas. During the early evening one of Jesus' rods loaded with Bullbuster Braid and Bullbuster Mono get run into by something and gets cut off.

 The ocean is pretty rough and knowing he still has his other rod out he hangs tight and continues the waiting game. Several hours pass and it's a quiet night. All of a sudden Jesus's Tiagra 80W gets hit. The fish commits and Jesus lets the fish eat. Jesus sets up and now he's on and the battle begins. It's a good fight and Jesus knows it's a good fish. Finally the Shark is close to shore and the spotlight reveals a Big Tiger Shark. Jesus puts the rod back in the spike and goes to land the Shark. It's a Big Tiger Shark. Jesus and Steph quickly snap a couple of pics and send the Tiger Shark back on it's way.  Another great night spent on the sand.

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