Fishing Report:

JD Gets A Big Bull

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Tagged & Released A Big Bull From The Beach

It had been a while since JD had been able to Shark Fish. Once he had the time, he went several trips with no productivity or opportunities. But in typical JD fashion that only made him fish harder to find the fish. On this night JD is solo as he does every so often. He likes the tide and has a Solid Bait to put out. Since he is solo he is fishing one of his 14/0's that has 300LB Bullbuster Monofilament. Several our past on this night and its quiet. 

Bullshark From The Beach

There are a few others fishing but not for Sharks. After several quiet hours JD gets a very solid hit on his 14/0. This Shark doesn't hesitate and takes the bait. JD sets up and he's on. He can feel the weight of this shark. It's a heavy fish. This is a good battle and this Shark is strong and stubborn. The Shark is now close and a few other anglers are watching in anticipation to see what it is. Finally the Shark is close and JD goes to get it. It's what he expected a Big Bull Shark. After putting the tail rope on he quickly removes the hook, puts a Tag in her, takes a couple of pics and send this healthy Bull Shark back where she came from. The other anglers are excited to see a Big Bull Shark. After the release JD rigs up and again and gets another bait out. But the rest of the night was quiet. This was JD's first Shark in a couple months and he was really happy with the catch.

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