Fishing Report:

January 14 Miami Fishing Report - Sailfish, Tuna, Mahi, Tarpon

Author: Alex Wexler

 Kite Fishing In Miami!

On Saturday we went out of Goverment Cut with a great group of guys from Idaho. We started out bait fishing and loaded up the wells pretty quickly with pilchards. Sure is nice when the bait fishing is good.  

From there we set out in search of good water. Water quality was decent but not great and the report was slow so we set up in about 275, put out the bag, put the kites up, and started our first drift. 

The first bite was on the the mid kite bait and was a small blackfin tuna. About 45 minutes after setting the lines back out we had a small mahi on the inside kite bait which was followed to the boat by another which we hooked up and threw in the cooler. Dinner...  But now we were after the Sailfish.


2nd Drift of the Day

An hour later on our 2nd or 3rd drift I saw a shadow appear on the right inside kite bait. The sailfish did a circle around the bait and then finally committed and took off like a bat out of hell. While fighting him we had another sail bite the long but he ended up fraying us off.

The fish was stubborn and our left side kite was acting squirly in the high winds so we ended up taking all the baits in so we could chase the fish down before he spooled us.  Once we got the fish to the boat we set up again and had about another 2 hours to fish before sunset.  

An hour in we got a bite on a blue runner on the right long. Was a small sailfish. We got him to the boat and fished the next hour without a bite.  For how slow it had been we were happy with the day but wanted to spend some time at sunset tarpon fishing. 


Tarpon on board!

We got to the tarpon spot right as the sun was going down. We were using shrimp. Was slow at the first spot so we made a move in the dark.  We started getting bites right away. The first was a mangrove snapper. Second bite was the right one. The fish must have been moving towards the boat because he tapped it and then the customer thought he missed the bite. We told him to bring his bait in and check it and sure enough the Tarpon was on! Was a small fish around 25-30 pounds but he put up a great fight. 


We set back out to where we were fishing and almost immediately got another bite.  This was a nicer fish in the 80-90lb range.  We fought him for about 30-45 minutes and got him all the way to the boat on 40lb leader! we popped him off while leadering and fish swam away healthy. For slow fishing it was a great day on the water catching a variety of species.

We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. It's our mission to help you spend more time fishing. 

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