Fishing Report:

"It's Cold, But The Bite Is On FIRE"

Author: #TeamDorsal

  Our winter months are some of the best fishing. Us locals get the moment to reclaim our beaches and not be harassed by tourist. We get to shark fish at day instead of night because nobody is swimming. It is my favorite time of the year. Winter months can also be very rewarding with large sharks that prefer the cold water. It also keeps those pesky crabs from chewing down your bait to bones. In the summer months a bonita will last 3 to 4 hours max. When the winter is here you can soak a bonita for a full 24 hours before having to check it. North winds also make our water extremely crystal clear and flat. Making paddling out baits that much easier. All the reason to love the winter months even more. When we paddle out baits we like to do a spread. One bait at about 300 yards and each following bait about hundred to two hundred yards extra. I typically like to do a 3 rod spread 5 being my max. I don't like having 10+ rods out I just think it is to much and I never have luck when I do a huge spread. I always find that when I run a spread of 3 rods I get the most action. It is weird how it works that way but it just does. On our avet 80s we run 150lb hollow and about 200 yards of #bullbuster 200lb mono topshot. This is for abrasion resistance against any live bottom that may be out there. The cold weather usually means the bite is on fire. Making for fun times for everybody involved. The heavy line and drag makes for fast catch time resolving in a healthy release. Duskys, tigers, sandbars, makos, great whites, etc* are some of the species we encounter when fishing our winter. #TeamDorsal

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