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Island Time : TFT Hawai'i Report

Author: Terra Firma Tackle

Island Time! TFT Hawaii Report!


Shark Fishing Hawaii

Sick of the crowds back home in California, TFT decided to go hit the Hawaiian Islands for some much needed exotic hunting!

Hurricane Fabio Crashes the Party:

Thankfully there were no flight delays this trip, and all the gear arrived on Maui on time and in excellent condition. Unfortunately, Hurricane Fabio was passing by and with it came intense wind and rain for the first several days of the trip. These conditions made fishing LBSF style difficult, so instead the focus initially was on species hunting and bait gathering.

Utilizing frozen peas and fresh shrimp it was possible to coax numerous exotic miniatures into biting. By the end of the third day the bait cooler was full and half a dozen new species had been landed. Thankfully around the third afternoon the wind had subsided enough to allow for some kayak deployed baits!

The visibility was not as clear as usual, and Lahaina harbor had changed much since the last visit. The first night of big game fishing was quite eventful! On the second cast of the night, on a small damselfish for bait, the casted bait rod got slammed! After a short tussle on 40lb Bullbuster Monofilament line a quality Ulua was landed! In addition to being a quality gamefish, it was also excellent bait!

Ulua Fishing Hawaii

Armed with fresh gamefish from the offshore landing in Lahaina, the second night of big bait drops was poised to go off without a hitch as well. This time there was no activity on the casted baits, but the kayak drop rod armed with half of the Ulua got slammed! A short fight later another quality fish it the sand, this time a small Bignose Shark! Thanks again to the fantastic 1100lb Bullbuster Mono! A few quick photos and the fish was released cleanly.

Shark Fishing Hawaii

A little later the second yak rod got hit as well, this time by a larger moray eel! Great! Knowing how prime the moray baits were in the Keys, this was a welcome addition to the arsenal!

Night three of the big bait mission, baits were dropped in a new location with some deeper water closer to shore. The moray bait was deployed and within minutes was slammed by something large. Unfortunately that fish was not landed, but it was quite the contender!

With the trip winding down the last of the baits was deployed on the final night. Unfortunately nothing came by, but it was still a beautiful night on the sand in a tropical paradise!

While the weather was not all that cooperative initially, it was still a productive trip thanks to the Bullbuster lines! They held up fantastic to the reefy structure that surrounds the island, and not a single breakoff resulted on the entire trip! To check out all the tackle and products used on this trip, be sure to go to!



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