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Is There Good Fishing After A Hurricane?

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Fishing Offshore After A Hurricane Hits 

Every Year South florida experiences a period of storms between July and November. During this time we may experience tropical storms and hurricanes, even if it is not a direct hit they can stir up our local waters. 

This year we just barely missed the powerful wrath of Hurricane Dorian. I wanted to share my experiences on what hurricanes and tropical systems do to fishing conditions. Over the last decade I have noticed that almost after every single storm the bottom fish including snapper and grouper tend to move inshore from deeper water. On a recent fishing trip, we fished many of the local reefs we do throughout the year and noticed a drastic increase in the amount of red grouper we had caught. Red grouper are common on shallow reefs, but not in the numbers we were catching.


I remember when I grew up fishing the Deerfield Beach Pier, after a big storm we would always have a week of insane snapper and grouper fishing from the pier. This was very uncommon for how shallow and close to the beach our pier was. 

I’m not sure if its the swells or rough water that moves these fish in or a change in pressure, but it seems to be the trend after every storm.  

Another thing that generally occurs after a storm such as a hurricane is a lobster crawl or walk. This is where lobster will walk up the coast from the keys and biscayne bay and migrate north seeking refugee in the dirty water produced by a tropical system.  

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