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Inshore Mahi Mania

Author: Team True Blue

Florida Panhandle Mahi Bite On Fire!

Offshore Fishing

"Will soon notices the bonus. A nice triple tail hiding right on top of the floater"

A few days ago team member Will and myself headed out with a good friend of ours in search of bait. After getting our live bait, we headed out to a spot we have fished several times  and we know that we can produce good shark bait off of it. 

"Remember always keep a sharp eye out for any floating debris/structure"

About a mile out we came across some floating structure and there were Mahi everywhere. Immediately we start chucking and they fired up. It wasn't long  before we had a solid 4 person limit of Mahi ranging from 3-6#. No monsters but fine eating fish!

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 Will soon notices the bonus. A nice triple tail hidden right on top of the floater. Using 20# Bullbuster braid to 20# Bullbuster flouro fishing line. Will makes a perfect shot at the fish. It turns and looks for about a second, then scarfs down the bait. Fish on. Will done exactly what he needed to to keep the fish out the structure and boat side where I ended the fight with the net. 

Triple Tail

By this time it's about 10am. We head off shore. Quickly coming across some king mackerel and bonita we made it to our spot. Where we produced nice cuda and big red snapper. Being we was not in state waters we had to release all snapper. Bummer. 

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Nice Triple Tail Offshore

On the way back in we hit a very very close spot right on the beach, where we managed to land several nice bull reds. All in all a great day on the water with great friends. Remember always keep a sharp eye out for any floating debris/structure. This time of year their is almost a 100% guarantee that if you fine it, they will be their!! 

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Red Snapper

Tight line until the next time. Look for a report on what we catch with the bait we caught soon!!

Bull Reds

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