Fishing Report:

I Made Alek A Bullbuster Believer!!!

Author: Capt Drew

Introducing My Buddy To Bullbuster Braid By Slaying The Bass

Alek is a brother to me. We’ve been friends since we were bad little kids running the streets of Miami. Never thinking we’d make it to the age of 19, here we are slaying at the age of 32. God is good.

Florida Bass Fishing Charter

Alek is my team partner in a series of night tournaments I run called “Hawg City”. We've gotten 1st place or at least placed in every single Hawg City tournament we’ve ever done. We went pre-fishing for our next tournament. I spooled his left handed baitcaster with 65 pound Bullbuster braid before we left the house. By the end of the night, I made Alek a believer in Bullbuster braid. 

We flipped all of our big fish in the boat with no problem. Operating a net at night is my least favorite thing to do. Having a strong braided fishing line that can just flip them in is my absolute go to way to winning tournaments. Once he flipped this monster into the boat he told me that Bullbuster passed the test.

Florida Bass Fishing Charter

Alek now knows why I wanted Bullbuster braid to have my back. Being two Miami boys, we like to represent local companies. Who better than Bullbuster braid? 

Florida Bass Fishing Charters

Thanks for reading,

-Capt Drew

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