Fishing Report:

I Guided A Salt Water Captain!

Author: Capt Drew

Florida Bass Fishing Charter

Capt Shannon is an Offshore Captain out of Islamorada Fl. His Cousin booked a trip for her son Traven and him to come out with me and catch Peacock Bass. 

But that’s not all we caught...

Freshwater Snook

The first fish of the morning that was worth mentioning was this stud Snook. I had Shannon throwing a Livingston Lures Walking Boss and this Snook absolutely crushed it.

Capt. Shannon has fished this body of water many times and had never landed a Snook there. He had caught plenty of Largemouth & Peacock Bass in this system but never a Snook. 

Then, he catches the biggest Largemouth he’s ever caught there...

Largemouth Bass

This beauty weighed 6 pounds on the Boga Grip. She fought him like a horse staying deep then running for the shores. When we finally got her in the net he was super happy. There was only one problem. Traven is the real reason we were there.

We needed to get him on his first ever Peacock Bass. The truth is, the Peacock bite really wasn’t on. Traven kept catching Largies and other species but no Peacocks until...

Peacock Bass

He finally got one. After this picture he ended up getting about 3 more. Traven was finally able to knock Peacock Bass off of his bucket list. 

But that’s not the only fish we were able to knock off...

Fat Snook

Traven also got himself a Snook. He couldn’t have been more happy with the results. Traven is a Bass Fisherman at heart but boy was he pleased with this fish. 

The last fish of the day was Capt Shannon with probably his 10th Peacock Bass of the day. Letting Traven know that they’re here, they just need to be caught. 

Peacock Bass

Capt. Shannon all day was boasting about the fishing line on his rod. Asking me what brand of line was on it? I explained to him that it was Bullbuster Braid, the best braid he’ll ever use.

He was shocked to the fact he’d never heard of it and wanted to know more info. “Drew, do they make this line for big game fish”? He asked me. I explained to him that the “Bull” in Bullbuster was for Bullshark and nuff said.

I think it’s safe to say that there’s a Captain down in Islamorada that Bullbuster is going to be sending an order to in the near future. Using my promo code of coarse.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!

-Capt Drew

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