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Hurricane Irma Fishing Report

Author: Outcast Fishing

Fishing During Hurricane Irma

Black Drum

Ive been waiting for these days since Hurricane Mathew. With the golf courses closing due to the preparation of Irma, its Black Drum time!  

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As soon as I got the green light, I headed over with a huge bag of shrimp, my bass rod and high hopes.  The first day was strange. Austin, a friend and regular customer came with me to witness this fishery.  Unfortunately, the first day we caught Redfish, Pinfish, Croakers and Ladyfish, but not one Black Drum was caught. Yeah, I said unfortunately. I wasn't sure if they had died in the hot summer water or if the gators ate them all, we were a little disappointed. 
Day two- got em! It was a crappy day, whether wise. It went to a slight drizzle to a steady pour...but we found them.  They were holding in an entirely different spot than last year.  

Black Drum

The fights were awesome. Getting them to the side is one battle, keeping them from the alligators is the other. I must be out of my mind, the first Black Drum I hooked, nobody was around, so I quickly jumped in and grabbed him. Of course, using my left hand to grab the fish---just in case. 

Golf Course Fishing

Ive been back to this lagoon 4 out of the last 6 afternoons, and everyday has been incredible. Ive got a charter tomorrow morning and all im doing is wondering if I can talk my customers into hitting this lagoon instead of going offshore. 

Golf Course Red Drum

We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. Its our mission to help you spend more time fishing.  We hope that we have helped you or someone you know spend more time fishing.  

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