Fishing Report:

Hurricane Fishing

Author: Team True Blue

Fishing Right Before A Panhandle Hurricane

A few members of blue decided to take a trip a few weeks back. As we defended on our location so did hurricane Hermine, as the waves began to build we sat thru the night as it went silent. The next day we awoke to the storm surge which ran us off the beach. We took high ground and settled in for the night. 

Joey and Will accompanied were on this trip accompanied by our ladies. We  fished along side our good friends at dark side sharkers. The next morning we headed back to the sand and deployed baits again. The waves were big and the current was very heavy. We had to sand bag to keep everything in place.

Land Based Shark Fishing Panhandle Of Florida
Landbased Shark Fishing Tiger Shark
It wasn't long until my 14/o everol went off. Fish on, a nice 7'5 tiger to start things off. Through the rain on and all we stayed comfy.
Tiger Shark
Sure enough, it wasn't long after we let the this tiger go, Wills 80w starts singing. Hooked up.
Big Lemon Shark Landbased Shark Fishing
This time wills girl Jen takes over, after an hour and 15mins we have a stud lemon on the beach. This 9ft  fish was fat. Nice tag and release.
Tiger Shark Landbased Shark Fishing
We were starting off good! Next up is will on his 14/0, with a solid 8'5 tiger. Tag and release.
Landbased Shark Fishing Florida
Tiger Shark In The Surf
Big Lemon Shark Caught While Landbased sharkfishing

The night goes quiet. The next day was still rainy off and on but didn't stop us, next up was Jake, a nice little bull that didn't match up for the 18/o. Haha. Not long my 20/o starts to roll. No match what so ever but a fat little 8ft tiger. That night it got a little wild. My 14/o goes and it's my wife's turn, she manages to get what looked like a nice little bull that rolled out of the leader.  A while later wills surf rod goes off. Hooked up to what started to strip his Penn 8000 full of 40# bullbuster braid off. About 30mins in and the hook pulls. Fish gone. After moping around for a few my 14/o sounds off again. This time my wife redeems herself with a nice little 7'1 tiger.  After a wild night with great friend making good memories it was time to head back to our normal lives. Bullbuster mono and braid held up to every test we threw at it. Fishing a hurricane is not safe at all but has its upsides. Here's a few pics and videos of our trip.

Tiger Shark From The Beach
Beach Shark Fishing

Lemon Shark From The Beach

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