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How Many Sharks Can You Catch?

Author: Big Bully Outdoors

 Family Vacation Fishing In Boca Grande, FL!

This month we hooked our charter guests up to plenty of sharks!   Mostly blacktip and spinner sharks today which are a fun fight.  Species vary this time of year, as sharks of all shapes and sizes follow the tarpon in to the passes and along the beaches. The larger sharks begin to prowl around looking for a quick and easy meal.  If you've ever wanted to hook into a shark, April- July is prime shark time.  Stingray and mullet make great shark bait this time of year. 

The Grindle family from Ohio hooked into countless sharks during their recent vacation to Boca Grande, Florida.   A charter guest favorite, getting up close and personal with the oceans top predator.  Check out the above video to see the action!  They were catching these sharks using 100 lb Bullbuster braid mainline to 250lb Bullbuster wind on leader.   9/0 Trokar circle hook for easy removal on sharks under 100lbs.  We love when our returning guests bring friends!  The Deck Gear fight chair saw plenty of use this trip.  Everyone aboard caught at least one shark and got a great fish story to bring home.   All sharks were released after de-hooking. 

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