Fishing Report:

Hot Snook Bite

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

South Florida Snook Fishing

These are 3 separate trips. Jesus, Jonathan and Jd got in on a very good Snook bite before the season closed. On one trip Jesus hits a bridge with a friend of his. Jesus is using 40lb Bullbuster Braid and some Bullbuster Fluorocarbon Leader. He is in search of his favorite species. The Snook. But on this night to Jesus’s surprise there are a lot of Jacks around. And they are big. Jesus is always willing to get some Fresh Shark bait, but after catching several Jacks, he’s trying to get away from them in order to get himself a Snook. The Jacks are all over and he can’t seem to keep a bait in the water. Once the Jack bite slows Jesus is able to land a nice slot Snook before its time to call it a night. Jesus is going home with a Slot Snook and some Fresh Jacks for future Shark Fishing trips.

On another trip, Jonathan joins Jesus to get on the Snook bite. They have a very productive night throwing Jigs. A couple of over slot Snook are caught and released. Jesus manages to get himself a Nice Slot Snook and before the night is out Jonathan also manages a Slot Snook. A very productive night with the Snooks. Meanwhile a couple days later JD is tied up but while working near the water, he manages to bring a rod with him. There are Mullet in the area and JD manages to net some live Mullet. Jd is fishing Bullbuster Fluorocarbon Leader. He free lines a live Mullet for a while and then his Mullet gets inhaled. The end result is a Big Snook that he catches and releases. Some very good Snook action on these trips.

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