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Halco Popper Scores Jack Crevalle

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Fishing For Shark Bait

 There's many different ways to secure shark bait in Florida whether it be going to charter boats and collecting the scraps from their daily catch, heading out on a flat at night and gigging for stingrays, or using the carcasses left over from the fish you catch to eat. But my favorite is going around to random spots and throwing topwater for jack's and other fish. 

That's exactly what were doing this day. All you need is a 4000 size reel I personally would be trying out my new 4000 Saltiga a 7-foot medium-heavy rod 30 lb Bullbuster braid. My favorite lures to throw are topwater so I would be throwing around a nomad chuck norris on which I swap the single hooks out to trebles. It was early and we arrived to our first spot, about a half a mile downstream from a spillway on a sandbar.

Watch Me Catch A Big Jack For Shark Bait!

Tide was outgoing and we hoped the fish would be staged up on the backside of the bar facing the current. You have to be super aware at this location due to an 8-foot pesky gator that's always lurking in the vicinity. Like I said it was a strong outgoing tide and the jacks were staged up right where I knew they would be, taking advantage of any mullet being swept off the sand flat into the trough. I began casting a Halco rooster popper and it didn't take long before I got blew up on. I was hooked into a nice jack, the scene was beautiful a pristine Florida morning with the rising sun. 

The rod in my hand with a nice bow in it, throwing down on a jack. I caught this decent one and another small one when the alligator before mentioned decided to show up on the scene and chase us off the sandbar. We decided to call it and head to another location.

We rode up to one of my favorite spots at the mouth of Turkey Creek. While the girls were busy rigging up I noticed some commotion and saw a bunch of mullet being blown up on. Immediately I zinged my chug norris out there in the center of the commotion. Two pops later and I was tight on another 10 lb jack. He didn't stand a chance against the Saltiga the Terez and the 30 lb bullbuster. After landing this fish all was quiet except for a few sail cats, so we headed over to our last location.

Catching the outgoing tide in a creek bend I knew the jacks would be using this bend to exit the creek to the mouth and out into the river. It was exciting because there was plenty of mullet everywhere and usually when there's a ton of mullet in this spot the tarpon aren't far. We started popping the channel in the creek bend and my popper got exploded on. I knew I was scrapping with another jack from the tell-tale fight signs. He was trying to run me around the creek bend and break me off. I had to outmaneuver him by going out in the water and getting a better angle, all the while watching out for boat traffic. I manage to turn him around and get him in it was a solid 15lb jack, that would make perfect shark bait. We walked for a little while longer, continuously casting but only managed one other smaller jack. Overall it was a successful mission and we managed three decent chunks which are my favorite shark bait. Many of my personal best sharks have been caught on a piece of jack including an over 12 foot tiger shark, 11 and 1/2 foot hammers, and countless other sharks. I was very impressed with the 30 lb bullbuster braid and am a huge fan of it now. The 30 lb bullbuster braid was actually outcasting 20 lb Power Pro. Another epic adventure in the books. 

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