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Historic Moment In Big Hammer Challenge History

Author: Bullbuster Team

North Carolina Team Submits Shark To BHC

Team Get Bent just made Big Hammer Challenge history by becoming the first North Carolina shark fishing team to submit a shark to the tournament.  Congratulations Team Get Bent!  We are glad to see the shark fishing community joining together in friendly competition! 

What shark do you think will win it this year? A big hammer, a big tiger, or a mako from Team True Blue only time will tell. 

Live Coverage Of The BHC 

To see more live coverage of the Big Hammer Challenge check out the 2017 BHC leaderboard ,hopefully the winds die down soon and we see some big sharks hitting the leaderboard in no time!

So far no monsters have been caught, but stay tuned!

BHC Background

The Big Hammer Challenge (BHC) is the ultimate event for Florida Shark Fishermen.  This month long tournament tests not only your angling skill but your perseverance.  You need to fish hard the whole time but you also need to fish smart, remember that the BHC is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  Below are a few tips for making it through the Big Hammer Challenge . (Read More)

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