Fishing Report:

Hawaii Ulua Fishing Season Is Here!!

Author: Jaren Luke

Ulua Fishing Hawaii

Catching a'ai' for Ulua bait

 Ulua (giant trevally) season is in full swing here in Hawaii! On Oahu our season spans the months of April to July and can be very productive when fishing at the right spots. During these months the ulua school up to feed after spawning and starving for a couple months.

On Oahu Season Spans The Months Of April to July


Ulua Fishing Techniques

   We also have a very unique style of fishing here called 'slide baiting'. This system allows a line to be cast as far as 150 yards and a large bait (whole octopus, moray eel fillets, live reef fish) is slid down the line on a separate rig at a later time. Popular spots around the island also get very crowded with as much as twenty people fishing at one spot. 

   Each fisherman casts two poles each and with all poles in the water it is definitely a sight to see. With so much friends fishing one spot it is a very enjoyable experience learning from fishermen old and new as well as sharing fishing stories of the ones that did or didn’t get away.

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