Fishing Report:

Hammers Keep Coming

Author: Team Reel Deal

Early bird gets the worm, a nap, and a couple sharks.

hammerhead shark caught on bullbuster mono

We packed up bright and early before sunrise to make the hour or so run to the spot I had in mind and been fishing off and on for the past month. We went to the beach and start running baits out and had them soaking before the sun came up. It was a slow morning nothing was really going on for the most part so I took a nap left the baits sit for over 8 hrs and no runs. Around 3 pm I went to go check out what bait I wanted to put on next in my cooler back at the truck and my cooler was gone with 80lb plus of bait some tools a knife or 2 and like 2 leaders gone. So after we calmed down I went jigging trying to find a ray or two and got nothing went back and called a buddy and they happened to have some bait and showed up with a jack and a Bonita.

Finally a Hammerhead Shark hits the bait.

I reeled in the 4 reels and while we were doing that one got hit finally. It was a hammerhead but it pulled the hook. So I hurried up and reeled the rest of our gear in and the fight was on. We landed the shark and got it back in the water wasn't a big hammerhead but we didn't get skunked today.

We also landed this smaller Blacktip right after dark. Great night for what could have been a day ender with the stolen bait. Don't forget to use our promo code (cjone) when you order your bullbuster line to get 10% off your order. black tip shark caught on bullbuster mono

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