Fishing Report:

Hammerheads In The Surf

Author: Team Reel Deal

Land-Based Fishing: Hammers and Lemons


The team headed a hour south from our stomping grounds in palm bay this past Saturday. Scouted a spot in Stuart, Florida to yak out some baits. We had gone gigging the previous night and had a cooler full of butterfly rays and southern ray. We set up and got our baits, wasn't long had some runs caught a nice lemon shark, then landed a second lemon shark, and a bull shark , then we saw a nice hammer head cruising the waves in the second trough wasn't long after we saw him our smallest reel in the spread a 50w started screaming we were hooked up we knew it was the hammer by the strength of the shark fought him for a half hour got him to the bar and TRD members waded out and got a tail rope on him and heaved him over the bar didn't get a measurement but it was estimated at upper 10s maybe 11 ft quickly released. Ended up landing 2 more bulls one was massive and another lemon , all sharks caught on bullbuster braid with bullbuster mono topshot . We have been very blessed this year with over 20 hammerheads landed and released safely back in the water to fight another day. We will be heading back out to the beach the rest of the week to try and land a couple more giants. Hopefully we can land a tiger shark soon.  Don't forget to use our promo code to get 10% off your order. 

Hammerhead: Catch and release

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