Fishing Report:

Hammer Time !

Author: Albert Acosta

Gulf Of Mexico Shark Fishing Report

Scalloped Hammerhead
Hammer Time

My name is Albert...and I'm a addict... a fishing addict! Yes I am ... they say the first step is to admit it... well there I admitted it... I love fishing... if I could I would fish every day. 🎣🐟😁 The last few weeks I've been heading out to the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico where the fishing in the summer is this weekend would not be any different. 

Gulf of Mexico
Smooth As Glass

There's something about the warm scenic waters of the Gulf that calls me out there it like a magnetic attraction... but that's enough let's get to the fishing! Good friends Mike and Jorge were ready for some action but the day started out rough with the bait store being out of live shrimp, both bait stores! I love using live shrimp out there... every thing out there eats shrimp. So we decided on getting a few dozen live pinfish and headed out. The ride out to our spots was smooth as glass and we couldn't wait to throw some baits in the water. It would not take long as we were working a beautiful bank with some great structure. There were logs and tree parts all over this area... great snook and redfish habitat as the tide was rolling out. Jorge was casting towards the bank and as he brought his jig in with a Gulp shrimp we saw a big swirl around his jig and then the drag screaming! Jorge was on to a nice snook and it was hell bent on getting away and made a dash for the shore loaded with logs! But it was not going to happen... Jorge put the breaks on that snook and worked him close to the boat. I grabbed the net and we scooped up the snook... it was a beauty! 

First Fish of the Day
Jorge's Snook

Snook Pic

After a few picks we placed the snook in the water and watched him swim away...not a bad way to start the morning! We kept working the shore looking for fish and we could see a few wakes swimming towards us... we were not sure what they were but we made our casts at the approaching fish. Within seconds our reels were screaming and line ripping out. Jorge and I were on....two big jack crevalle. We fought them for a while with both fish making some nice runs. The Bullbuster Fluorocarbon was holding strong and we landed both fish. They were beautiful strong fish. 

Jack Crevalle
Jack Double Trouble

After a quick pic we let the Jack Wonder Twins go and they swam off into the dark water. We kept fishing and as I reeled in my jig with swimming shad... BOOM a nasty hit right next to boat! What was this... I wasn't sure but it made a nice run. I fought the fish for about 10 min and was getting it close.... then we saw him... a nice lemon shark! The lemon shark hit a swimming shad type soft body!

Lemon Shark
Lemon on Artificial

After releasing the lemon we headed out to different location in search of other fish. Once we arrived at new spot we decided to do some drifts. Mike set up his big spinner and attached some Bullbuster 40 lb fluoro and a live pinfish. As Mike was waiting for a hit I had a feeling something was coming... then BOOM! Mike was on ! Hard nasty run... we did not know what it was but it was running hard. After a good 15-20 min fight Mike was brining the beast closer... then Jorge got his eye on it.... he shouted it's a T Head, it's a T Head! I looked into the emerald waters and saw the beautiful powerful tan body of the Hammerhead shark. It was majestic... in my opinion one of the nicest looking sharks. It's not every day that you see or by any means hook and catch one! As Mike brought the Hammerhead closer we prepared for the release. The fish was a Scalloped Hammerhead and we wanted to release it quickly as to not hurt her. We got a few pics and broke the leader off, then she went into the emerald Gulf waters. This was Mikes first Hammerhead shark and it was a beauty and caught with no steel wire! The Bullbuster fluorocarbon held fast! Here is link to short video clip of the Hammer and release.

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark
T Head
Hammer Time
Mike's First Hammer

The Hammerhead swam off and we were pumped! It was truly magnificent fish. We kept fishing a few more spots and caught some more jacks, runners and bonnetthead sharks. We had some nice action and Jorge finished off the day with a backcountry baby Bullshark. 

Jorge with Baby Bull

Baby Bull Shark

The day was coming to an end and we headed back to the marina. We had a great day and caught some nice fish! I hope you enjoyed my article and it helps you catch more fish! Remember order your fishing lines at Fast delivery! Bullbuster helps you spend more time fishing! 


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