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Hammer On The Sand

Author: Boca Chica Beach Legends

Crazy Huge Hammer Surf Fishing!

After setting up camp and deploying all the big baits, the usual trip turns into conversation and fantasizing something would pick up the baits. 3 hours into the trip the trusty old-school Penn 9/0 clicks and the rod slowly bends. Heads turn in the direction of the rod and all of a sudden the rod bows down and clicker goes off.  BCBL'S Roel "Full Drag" Pena quickly grabs the rod, plants his feet and sets the hook.  

Texas Shark Fishing (Hammerhead From The Beach)

After a couple of minutes of watching the 80lb Bullbuster mono getting dumped from the reel, he fights the urge to go “Full drag” to try and stop the beast at the other end. 10 min quickly turned into 30 min. Time passes and yet no sign of the fish giving up!  Finally, after a good 40 minutes, Roli climbs on BCBL'S Joel "The Prodigy" Ibarra's shark tower and fights from a top.  After five strong runs, the shark finally decides to head towards the beach. Within moments of getting the shark over the first sandbar, the huge dorsal fin pierced the surface, immediately revealing a Great Hammerhead!  

After being out on military training for quite some time, BCBL's Roli "Full Drag"

Texas Shark Fishing Hammerhead From The Beach

Pena was eager to head out shark fishing and get in on the action. One short trip made but well worth it! After a whole hour, Roli was able to successfully land and release this huge female Great Hammerhead for the Texas Shark Rodeo! 

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