Fishing Report:

Gulf Coast Summer Shark Fishing

Author: ScottRoseFishing

West Coast Shark Fishing

, we headed out to the west coast of Florida to experience some summer night land based shark fishing.  We had three rods out at varying distances, one at 150 yards, another at 250, and a third at 400.  All four rods were rigged up with different species of ray.  The long rod got a great run and we quickly came tight.

A nice 30 minute fight resulted in a nice 6.5 foot bull shark.  As we were landing the fish, the short rod went off and we quickly managed to also land a beautiful 38" snook.  The snook were all over the beach, cruising right behind the surf and were lit up in the full moon.  They appeared to be hungry and we managed to land a few on pilchards and cut lady fish. 

If you are interested in getting on the beach to land some nice fish, now is a pretty good time.  The shark fishing can be spotty but if you time the tides right you should find some solid action.  To keep you busy, the snook and other inshore species on the beach can keep you tight while waiting for one of the bigger rods to go off.

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