Fishing Report:

Grocery Shopping On The Flats

Author: Tyler Feijoo

December Reds, Snook, & Sea Trout In Tampa Bay

Went out Yesterday December 18th, 2017 looking to target groceries! Your probably wondering what does he mean by "groceries". The family is always wondering why we barely eat the fish we catch and I sat back and wondered the same thing. 

Tampa Bay Snook

Day started out real slow bait was tougher then sonny's barbecue ribs. Tampa bay's tides/weather have the bait out of wack this week! Finally after running around tower to tower we pull up to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and find some bait holding down on the bottom in about 15 to 20ft. I take my Barracuda 10ft 1.4lb cast net toss it once and bam one and done! After we managed to catch bait we ventured off into new areas we haven't fished before on a negative tide. 

Tampa Bay Snook Fishing

When scouting new areas i always like to go on a low negative tide so I know where all the Rocks/Oyster bars are. You can't hit them if you see them! If you can run where your trying to get on a good negative tide you will never have issues getting in or out of the spot. Makes it a lot less stressful not having to wonder if your gonna be stuck on a flat! 

Tampa Bay December Sea Trout

Ended up finding some nice fat winter trout and a couple juvenile snook. Caught are limit of trout in about 25 minutes all between 22 to 25 inches and really fat. Later on we started on are way back towards some good spots we know just need some more water to get to them and with us doing some scouting and burning time it was just about right to get on those big redfish I'm known for!

Tampa Bay December Redfish

Caught a couple rat reds some good slot snook and a 29 inch redfish that weighed 12.4lbs MAN THAT THING WAS A MONSTER!

Finished up the day with some groceries! 

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Sticking Pigz Tournament Report 

Well me and Cat. Steve Brown Lee set out to win the Sticken Pigz Tournament for the third year in the row. Well we managed to catch all the right species but not the size we wanted. We ended up going grocery shopping !!!!! Man are RedfishTrout and Flounder are good !

Tampa Bay Redfishing

May Bull Reds In Tampa Bay

Well me and Capt. Thomas Dominguez set out to catch some afternoon Redfish and was it a success! We had endless double and triple ups it was non stop we caught 20 BULLREDFISH in 3 hours it was a great time ! 

Tampa Bay Bull Reds

Bull Red Charter In May (Tampa Bay)

Me and my good friend Capt. Thomas Dominguez took my boat out after work pursuing the Redfish and BAMMMMMM! First bait in the water we crushed a 30inch Red. Biggest of the day was 35 1/2 inches! Caught 12 in 2 hours. RNR IS GOOD!!! Get out there and give it a go. Its that time of year where the the BIG school of reds will Start showing!! Get out and fish !!

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