Fishing Report:

Great Night Of Solo Fishing! Snook And Largemouth Bass

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Solo Snook Fishing May 2019

I went out for a late night grind by myself the other night, decided to pack really light and make things easy and i would say it payed off pretty good. all i brought was one rod a few different artificials and my drop net.

I fished the first snook spot for a while tossing a few different artificials cast after cast with not one hit at all, we all know how that goes sometimes. so i decide to move to one more location for snook and on my very first cast with a jig i stuck one. i was more than happy to catch just one fish there and did not get any more snook hits that night.

on my way home i still had the itch to fish so i decided to make a quick stop witched turned into more of a hour long stop and got on a really great night bass bite. i was hooking up almost every cast to some nice chunky fish, nothing huge but fun.

after a few fish i set into something that felt a bit bigger than what i had been hooking, and too my surprise i got a double hook up on one lure. i was pretty stoked as that was my first double on one cast ever.

hope yall enjoy the report and pictures! 

tight lines from the ninjas.

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