Fishing Report:

Gotta Getta Grouper

Author: L&H Sportfishing

Pictured in the photo above is Laurel David with a nice Black Grouper aboard the L&H Sportfishing, who was estimated to be about twenty pounds caught on bullbuster eighty pound braid with one hundred and twenty pound bullbuster monofilament leader. 

Going out earlier this year I decided to go onto one of our local wrecks and make a drop targeting grouper for our clients. I told my daughter Laurel to grab a bait out of the livewell and sew it on to the hook and be ready to drop the bait down to the bottom. There was strong current so in order to get the bait where I wanted it to be we had to prepare. Everything was set as we pulled over the spot and I said "drop" Seconds after the lead hit bottom I told Laurel to come up twenty five cranks on the tiara eighty wide reel spooled with 80lb yellow bullbuster braid and one hundred twenty pound bullbuster monofillament. My daughter Laurel was up about fourteen when the rod bent over and she reeled fast to get the fish out of the wreck. After coming all the way up and seeing the fish, she leaned down and grabbed him and pulled him in the boat! #FloridaFishing #Grouperfishing #Dropping #Bullbuster #Braidedline #Blackgrouper #L&H #Sportfishing 

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