Fishing Report:

Goliath Baits For Goliath Fish!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Best Baits For Goliath Grouper

The last month or so I had a chance to hit up Sebastian inlet and get tight on some giant goliath grouper. My first trip was strictly land based, and I had no idea what to expect. I had seen just about everyone on the internet duel with these Denizens, but never got a chance to tango with one my self. 

The people fishing on the jetty were losing a lot of their jacks and snook to Hungry Goliath grouper that would steal their catch before they could get it over the rail. Well I had a Penn Baja with me and figured it could do the job at stopping these bruisers from rocking me up on the ledge. Well after going 1/5 things were looking bleak. I was using whole live 2-3lb jack crevasses for bait and they were getting smoked on every drop! I finally got one to eat my bait further out in the inlet and was able to horse him up, away from the abrasive structure beneath me. We ended up beaching it and it certainly wasn't a monster Goliath, but very cool to finally land one. It was around 100lbs or so.

 My buddy Chris who lives up in Vero Beach invited me for another Jewfish spank session a few weeks later, but the time I was ready and we brought the gear to stop them. We got to go on my buddies J16 carolina skiff and used an AVET 50 this time. Well our 1/6 ratio of landed Goliath's from last trip turned into a successful 3/3 the next two trips! By stepping up my game to 200lb Bullbuster mono leader, I was really able to winch up those Grouper without the fear of getting frayed off. 

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