Fishing Report:

Going Out To Blue Water!

Author: Brent Edwards

Big Boy Waters

First trip of the year for Blue water.

I’m chasing after the big monsters that swim in the big blue sea! My buddy and I will be setting out this week to explore some RipsCharts. Our goals are going to be Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo of course. We may do some deep dropping as well. In search of a lot of Pelagic fish and some groupers I hope to see some new ground. A lot of my fellow fishermen have been doing really well in our surrounding waters. Hopes are high on doing well but to be honest just really looking forward to using some new tackle. Been fishing out of Panama City Beach, Florida the past 5 years. The report on bottom fishing has been limits of groupers and pelagic has been plentiful. Day time air temp has been around 85 and water temp is around 78. Well wish us luck. We will be using high speed lures and chunking over wrecks. On my High Speed Lures I’ll be using trolling weights along with shock cords on 50 lb mono leader top shot of about 150-250 which is tie on 50lb mono high vis line. Catching bait the day before is key. Live bait is a must before you go out. Try to get as many live bait as your boat can handle safely.I use on my bottom setup a 65 lb braid with knocker rig tied to a 7/0 VMC circle hook on a Penn Carnage 2 with a Penn Fathom 30LD2. Normally fishing in depths of 250-650 ft.

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