Fishing Report:

GIANT Tarpon Hooked During Storm!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

GIANT Tarpon- Glass minnow run fishing! 

Every year billions of glass minnows also called anchovies make their way down Florida's beaches and hungry predators follow. Like with any bait migration bigger fish are sure to be lurking!

When my friends and I fish the glass minnow schools were are almost always after the giant tarpon in the schools. There are snook, mackerel and a variety of other species, but nothing is better than hooking world class fish from shore!

Most people spend hundreds of dollars on tarpon charters and here we are being able to target them from shore!

We got to the beach during the middle of the heat of the day. My buddy Alec hooked up to a tarpon on his 3rd cast and we had front row seats to the aerial show that tarpon often display. 

After about a ten minute fight, of which half was leadering the stubborn fish in the surf. We finally got a hold of the 70lb class fish and after a few pics and quick revival we set it free. 

After about an hour of no bites, I finally hooked up on my surf rod and a jerk bait. I immediately knew I had a 100+lb fish on when I saw 300 yards of braiddisappear with no effort! The tarpon headed straight offshore for a solid 5 minutes and it finally turned. Then it proceeded to take me about a 1/4 mile south of where we had started. Out of nowhere a huge thunderstorm started approaching with winds reaching 30knots, seas got up to 4ft and the current was ripping 3knots south. This made the fight even harder in favor of the tarpon. I fought the fish for around a 45 minutes, and never got closer than 50 yards away from he beach. The tarpon would not budge!

After 45 min my braid finally let up either due to stress, or possible my tarpon got eaten by a shark!

Either way it was a heart break and one fish I will never forget!

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