Fishing Report:

GIANT S. Florida Bluefish Blitz!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Surf Fishing For Bluefish


I got word of the giant bluefish upon north and I wasn't going to miss my chance after missing it almost every year. These giant Bluefish travel hundreds of miles from up north and tend to make an appearance every year in the Sebastian inlet to Jupiter area, but some years are certainly better than others. 

Well this was one of the better years I have seen in terms of how spread out along the coast they were and the amount the commercial fishermen had been getting. Bluefish do go offshore, but tend to hug the coastline and swim along the beaches in search of bait pods, such as mullet, sardines and herring.

I rode up to Sebastian inlet and met up with my buddy Chris. We started by fishing the jetties and only ended up catching smaller rat bluefish, but we saw a group of anglers down the beach about 1000ft from us running frantically up and down the beach. 

We quickly made our way down there and it was on! We would watch the giant pod of around 500 full grown bluefish ride the swells up and down the beach. You had to time your cast perfectly to intercept the quickly moving pod of predators. Once you did get your popper into them it was game on!

We ended top catching around 10 big bluefish between the two of us and let me tell you, its one of the coolest sites seeing them fight over a giant wooden plug gliding on top of the water! 

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