Fishing Report:

Giant Peacock Bass

Author: Team Reel Deal

Peacock Bass Fishing In Kendall

 Peacock Bass

Team reel deal members headed to miami last week for some peacock bass action on their fresh 20 lb test bullbuster mono. We made our base camp at a hotel in south miami in homestead the plan was to hit some canals and ponds we had a teammate from maryland fly down and meet us the goal was to put her on her first peacock bass and it was a success. Headed out bright and early went over to f&f for some shiners then headed over to the first pond it was a bit windy we ended up going through quite a few shiners with nothing landed, headed over to a canal same thing used the rest of the shiners and no fish saw a few iguanas sun soaking, took a break git a bite to eat then it was back to the local bait shop in south miami heights for more shiners then off to another pond teammate ellisa from maryland caught her first peacock and then another teammate hooked into a nice one it was pulling a little drag and the stretch and smoothNess of the bullbuster mono felt good I was very pleased with the line landed the peacock bass and it was a big one. Turned out to be teammate Joes new personal best peacock bass didn't have a scale but it was deffinetly a good one . All fish were caught on bullbuster mono

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