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Get Wrecked!! (Wreck Fishing Report And Tips)

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Wreck Fishing with a side of Sharks!

Wreck fishing is one of the mot exhilarating things an angler can experience offshore. First of all, the variety of fish you encounter on wrecks is unparalleled. I  have caught everything from Mutton Snapper, Blackfin Tuna, African Pompano, Dolphin, amberjacks and plenty of king mackerel. Wrecks provide fish an oasis in which to hide and forage on bait. 

I have also noticed that when the bite is slow offshore with calm seas, a midday sun and very clear visibly the wreck fish generally tend to eat better.

One method to wreck fishing and hands down my favorite is vertical jigging. Below I have attached a video in which I was jigging and caught a nice blackfin tuna and lost a handful of giant amberjacks! 

Keys to Successful Vertical Jigging, and Wreck Fishing.

One key component of vertical jigging is a good quality braided line, such as Bullbuster's 50-65lb braid. What the braid will allow you to do is get the vertical jig down to the bottom fast as braid cuts through the water and does not stretch. Since Braid cuts through the water and has a thinner diameter relative to monofilament it also allows you fish heavier line, without sacrificing line capacity. Braid is a must for vertical jigging!!! iIt also allows you to catch up to your jig faster than mono as it does not stretch which will result in a better action as well. 

You can see in the next video that my buddy reel that was filed with braid was the only one that was getting baits while wreck fishing. The bigger 14/0 senator we were also fishing had thick heavy monofilament that simply could not but through the water fast enough. 

Next time your offshore drop down a jig or live bait on a public number wreck which can usually be found on your GPS. 

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