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Georgia Boys Make A Trip Down To Florida

Author: Brigand Outdoors

Headed Down To Florida To Do Some Shark Fishing

Once October came to Savannah, GA the water temperature began to cool down. We noticed a significant drop in the activity of sharks and red fish near the beach once the water dipped below 68 degrees. The Brigand crew realized if we wanted to continue to land big sharks, we were going to have to chase them down into the warmer waters of the sunshine state. We decided to initiate the planning phase that would result in putting a big shark(s) on the beach. We loaded up the Penn arsenal, and realized we needed a spot that would let us keep lines in the water for three days straight. When we looked at the NOAA data and weather, we decided that fishing the gulf side would potentially yield better results due to the warmer water temperatures ) and minimal tide change. Another major contributor in choosing the gulf side was the fact that it was going to be a “super moon” which drastically effects the height of tide changes. 

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Picking Our Shark Fishing Vacation Spot

 After looking up and down the coast from Tampa all the way down to Fort Myers, we decided on a little gem on the coast called Englewood, Florida. Englewood is just south of Venice and north of Fort Myers and Sanibel Island. Englewood is home to Manasota Key, which is a beautiful peninsula that stretches down the west coast. Manasota Key acts as a barrier island from mainland Florida. It is also unique because unlike a majority of the coastline of Florida, there aren’t numerous sandbars that extend off the shoreline. The lack of sandbars makes it much easier to get large baits into deeper water.

Checking The Water Temperature Before Making A Shark Fishing Trip Can Improve Your Results

Loading Up The Gear

We packed up our trucks with all of gear and headed south. We arrived at approximately 10:00 PM and immediately put our lines into the water with the moon shining high and bright. Unsure of what bait would do the best, we hauled out a 75 quart cooler loaded up with Bonita, Mullet, Stingray, Black drum, Red drum, Sheepshead, Whiting, and Sea bream. (Check This Article Out To Learn The Best Shark Baits For Landbased Shark Fishing

The Trip 

The first night was the slowest and yielded two sail cats which were thrown back. The next day once the sun came up we noticed that water was approximately 5’ deep 25 yards off of the beach. So we waded out and casted from approximately 25 yards off shore to get our bait into the deeper water. Once we got in the kayak and paddled around we noticed a group of crab pots approximately 200 yards off the beach. It was here that we decided to kayak out big baits on two 12/0s and a 9/0 Penn Senator near the crab pots to get some large baits in water deeper than 10’. 

The next afternoon at approximately 2:00 PM Zack noticed that his line had been picked up and moved 75 yards south. Unfortunately for the 6’ Spinner shark, the 12/0 brought him onto shore in a very quick manner. We noticed a large hole on the top of the head which appeared to be the result of an encounter with a boat prop. The Spinner was still tagged and released back into the water. 

This spinner shark looked like a boat had hit it with its prop.

That night after a long slow day of fishing we finally hooked into a large female that ripped drag out of the 12/0. Steven caught a 7’8” Sandbar that weighed close to 300lbs on a large Sheepshead that we kayaked out earlier that day. 

The Sandbars didn’t stop as we hooked into two more after that, one being 7’ and the other being 7’4” all of which were females. These two were caught on whole Bonita that was kayaked out about 200 yards near the crab pots. 

Englewood Florida Is A Great Place To Vacation

In conclusion, it was a successful trip, though we expected more of a variety and larger sharks but it is now December and the big guys will return in March. There were large bait balls of Greenbacks all along the shore which is a good sign that red tide is not an issue as in previous years.  Englewood, FL is a great and easy place to fish and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. 

We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. Its our mission to help you spend more time fishing.  We hope that we have helped you or someone you know spend more time fishing.  

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