Fishing Report:

For 8/18/2018

Author: Ryan Carson

Fished with Danny Chow, Liam James and John Schulze yesterday. We launched out of BI around 5:45 am and headed out to Barnegat Reef. It was a parking lot by 8 am (same time the party boats Carolynn Ann and Miss Barnegat showed up.) It was nonstop action all day with more sea robins than you could ask for with a few being decent size. We pulled up roughly 2-3 dozen fluke. Only 3 keepers caught all by Liam. The keepers were caught on white swimming mullet.  2-3 dozen seabass. 4 keepers caught on clam squid gulp and the largest being caught with a Ava jig being jigged off the bottom. We also had 1 mackerel, 1 decent size porgy and a handful of skates and spiny dogfish. We headed back to the dock around 12:30 when the bite slowed down.

There were tons of mackerel feeding on the surface but was tough to get them to commit. Couldn’t tell if there was blues, albies or bonita mixed in but there was definitely more than one species jumping completely out of the water putting on a great show when they were feeding.

The bay is loaded with peanut bunker, finger mullet, snapper blues and killies. It didn’t take much effort to fill our bucket with peanut bunker and mullet.

Radio chatter on 68 consisted of boats fishing Barnegat ridge and the fingers. Herd of Albies, Bonita, Spanish mackerel and King mackerel being caught with some Mahi.

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