Fishing Report:

Florida Panhandle Pompano Explosion!

Author: Patrick Meek

The Things You Can Do In The Florida Panhandle!!

The water in the Florida NW panhandle surf has been 70-71 degrees making it prime picking for the tastiest fish (IMHO) the GoM has to offer....POMPANO! My wife and I have been hitting the beach most everyday that I'm home from work and within a few hours, we usually go home with a 2 man limit.

All of my Van Staals and Penn surf fishing reels are loaded with 30# Hi-Vis Yellow Bullbuster braid. I prefer the Hi-Vis Yellow braid because it makes knot tying a lot easier when you're fishing in the dark, especially when you have bad eyes. I usually set up 4-5 surf rods where ever I can find the deepest gut or break in the sandbar. I like to leave one rod close to shore, because you never know when a school of pompano may swim right next to the beach. I also work the inside and outside of the first sandbar. Which ever rod usually gets the most action, I adjust my cast to the area the pompano are running.

Pompano can be caught year round from the beach on the Florida panhandle, but the best time of year is from March through May especially with a west wind and the fall run which usually starts in November. During the summer months, the pompano move into deeper waters, but it's still not unlikely to catch a few.

Until next time....Tight Lines!

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