Fishing Report:

Florida Beach Nurse

Author: #TeamDorsal

Nurse sharks can actually get pretty big in size. They don't fight that much when reeling them in but to see one and touch it is a different feeling. They don't have the typical skin of most sharks they feel more like a leather. Some say nurse shark is very delicious and one of the best tasting sharks. I have yet to try any myself but I wouldn't oppose. Their skin is also used in clothing such as belts or shoes or wallets. This nurse was the biggest one I have ever caught. Measuring in the 9ft range caught on 130lb line. I never target these fish but when shark fishing you never know what is gonna take the bait. This one ate a bonita I had soaking for about 2 hours. They start to tug a little when they hit the sandbar but other then that it is just dead weight. Still pretty neat to see one up close in person. They like to spin alot when you grab them and just like every other shark if given the opportunity, it can bite you. So be mindful and close watch on them when caught as they can spin and bend in crazy ways. A unique fish that I was happy to reel in and see in person. Before this day I had only seen them in fish tanks. They are known to be one of the most docile shark species around. So get your bullbuster mono leader coils and tie you up some rigs. You never know what kind of fish you might catch when you soak a bonita. #TeamDorsal

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