Fishing Report:

Fl Keys Queens And Mahi

Author: Hunter Gutwein

Keys Fishing Trip!

Making bait

With the Nj season getting ready to get under way it was time to load up and head back down to the FL keys for one last fishing trip and to trailer the boat home, after the 17 hr drive arriving in islandmorada we were eager to get out on the water but storm cells kept Us on land gearing up for the next day. With an early start to make bait and head off shore we weren’t greeted by a few war birds looking and were able to pull a few mahi from under them, pushed farther off and found some weed Lines As we continue to put a nice catch of mahi together, with the day coming to an end had one last stop to drop for a queen with making 3 drifts and going 2/3 on nice queen snapper we called it a day and heading to get cleaned up and head to dinner! 

The rest of the week was followed by back country fishing with nice catches of snappers  and a nice surprise cobia, managed to hook a few nice tarpon around the bridges with successful  releases. 

Was a great week of fishing even with the uncooperative weather still made the best of it, a long 24 hr drive home woth the 34 ft boat is now in NJ ready for the season!

Fish on!

Hunter gutwein 

Waterman charters 

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