Fishing Report:

"Fishing With My Father In Law"

Author: #TeamDorsal

My father in law enjoys going out and fishing. He has worked on boats in his younger days and likes the thrill of a hook being set. To date the fish above is the biggest fish he has caught. I am proud to say that I was the one to get him hooked up on that fish. I brought him over to a local fishing pier where I had known about some large drum being caught. We went with our gear rigged up using bullbuster 30lb mono for our leader sections. Blue crab for bait is the best when targeting big drum. As we waited for what seemed like forever with no action at all that is when it all started. A large school of drum swimming by was the sign of hope we needed. In a second we were hooked up and he was on a big one. His excitement contagious making me get hype also. As he found the fish on a light action combo ugly stick it looked as though it was going to break the rod. When it got near I quickly sent down the drop net and scooped it up. Sun burnt dehydrated and adrenaline pumping he caught the biggest fish he has ever landed. Thanks to that bullbuster mono being to abrasion resistant. He was able to fight it next to large pylons without getting cut off.  Thankful for these days as it is a day I will never forget. One week later I married his daughter and you can see the sunburn I had in the pictures. It was a awesome time, so get out there and catch fish. #TeamDorsal

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