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Fishing With Colby!

Author: WetWillyBiz

Offshore Fishing San Diego/Mexico

5-4-18 I took my friend Colby fishing with the intention of getting some BlueFin Tuna. We launched out of Dana Landing at 5:30am and were on our way out of the MB channel by 6:00. EBros had some great looking sardines and we grabbed a 1/2 scoop. Colby some of you may know or have met at recent SD Angler’s club or Marlin Club events. He is the owner of Bullbuster Fishing Lines based in Miami, FL. 

"all of a sudden, 20’ from the boat, a 300# + Sword Fish leaped out of the water about 6’ above the surface!"

His company is providing Fishing line direct (via mail order / next day delivery) at great prices: Mono, Fluorocarbon and Braid. As a guy who grew up fishing on boats it was a pleasure having him on board as not a lot of explanation was needed to keep my little operation running. He is great company and has lots of cool stories about the East Coast fisheries.

On our way South West to the 371 we pulled up on a birdnado that looked promising. I think it coincides with the high spot about 5 Miles N of 371. We were creeping in very slowly when all of a sudden, 20’ from the boat, a 300# + Sword Fish leaped out of the water about 6’ above the surface. Tail walking like you see on those epic bill fish videos. He did it two more times making sure he got a good look at us and then he was gone.

Colby said, “That rock looks dangerous!” To which I replied, “That’s a Blue Whale!”

 The water was clean 61.1 degrees and current was ripping in every direction. Wind was already blowing about 15-20. We dunked some sardines but then reeled up and headed further South to the 371. We found a paddy with a few small Yellowtail on it. Colby was able to catch his first California Yellowtail and cross that off his bucket list. We glassed around through the binos but nothing seemed happening down there. There were many more Terns and signs of fish further North. 

So we began to troll North. It was probably around 11am at this point and white caps were forming all around us with a mixed swell and some easily 5’+, a lot for my little skiff. We reeled in the trollers and began our 16 knots journey North. I wanted to show Colby the Coronados but we did not have the FMMs filed for Fishing there so we just drove past North Island’s Pukey Point. Colby said, “That rock looks dangerous!” To which I replied, “That’s a Blue Whale!” It spouted a second later confirming its hulking mass was indeed our largest mammal. 

From the Nados the wind and swell really picked up and we made very slow progress at maximum speed 13 knots all the way to MB Channel. Three Mylar balloons collected throughout the day, 87.3nm and 24.75 gallons of gas.
For those who have not gone out recently take a wide berth around Point Loma (I’d suggest 5 miles off shore) as the Kelp Forest from the point to Sunset Beach is now huge. As we passed Point Loma the wind was a consistent 20 knots and gusting to 30.
We got back on trailer by 2:45 just in time for Friday rush hour traffic. Very rough day pushing my boat’s limits but it never felt unsafe or out of control.

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