Fishing Report:

Fishing The South Side Of Manasquan Inlet

Author: Ryan Carson

June Manasquan Inlet Fishing Report

June 14 2018. 1st trip out to Manasquan Inlet during the June new moon was productive but provided a difficult current to hold bottom. Using a 2oz spro bucktail with a teaser rig was not enough to hold bottom effectively as the current was ripping on the inflow and outflow pushing the rig inwards towards the rocks.  To fight against the heavy current I switched over to 4oz spro bucktail with a double teaser rig. I had a 6 inch gulp grub on the bucktail along with two 3 inch swimming mullet gulp on the teaser hooks. This proved to be a effective with landing multiple shorts along with 1 keeper just hitting the 18 inch mark.

June 27  2018. 2nd trip on a full moon had flattened the tide. During the day where I was expecting the water to rise from its lower levels just didn’t happen. For several hours the current stayed a constant speed. It was spotty action with many short fish pulled up mixed in with some vicious bites. The most surprising was a keeper Fluke nailing a hi-lo rig with clam strips.

Overall both trips produced fish and proved to be a decent area to fish once I was able to dial in on what the most effective minimum weight was to be able to bounce the bucktail off the bottom without moving it too quickly.  If you have a north wind I would strongly recommend fishing from the North Side of the Inlet to combat the wind. If you have a south wind fish from the south side.

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