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Fishing The Lower Chesapeake Bay 06/02/2018

Author: 3 P's Fishing

June Fishing In Chesapeake Bay

Was able to get out for a bit before the storms Saturday 06/02/2018.  First stop we fished between the third and fourth islands of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  We primarily wanted to look for croakers and other small bait fish to use for Cobia and Drum a little later.  We drifted over the tube of the tunnel between the islands close to the channel in roughly 40-50ft of water and had steady action over the course of an hour or so.  We typically use a double hook bottom rig with size 4 hooks and a good length of mono leader material, circle or J hook, and a good size weight in order to drop the bait down quick and keep it there.  I usually tend to gravitate to a 4-6oz sinker but sometimes kick up to an 8 if the currents running quickly.  This isn't always necessary but I like to keep the bait as close to underneath me as possible so I feel the bottom and all of the nibbles.  For bait you can use a handful of options from squid to clam to shrimp but squid tends to produce the most amount of fish with the least amount of maintenance due to how well it stays on the hook.  My favorite combo is a small piece of bloodworm fish bites next to a small piece of squid.  This usually catches a handful of fish before needing to be rebaited.

After pulling out a dozen or so of these croakers we headed over to 9 foot shoal to look for drum and cobia. When we arrived we saw a few boats which is always a good sign so we anchored up close to the bridge with the current pushing our bait towards the bridge.  We baited up 4 rods with fish finder rigs and used cut croaker, whole croaker (using the smallest of the croaker we caught), crab and shrimp on the bottom with 8oz sinkers.  A good idea is to have one or 2 rods off the bottom with a float of some sort but we saw the storms coming so we rushed to get something in the water.  We were only able to fish for an hour or two before getting pushed away with the incoming storms.  The only thing that produced was sharks and skates with no luck on the cobia or drum.  

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