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Fishing Report: July 21st 2017, The Reward Fishing Fleet

Author: The Reward Fleet

Fishing Report: July 21st 2017, The Reward Fishing Fleet

Clouds over downtown as i pulled into Bayside parking garage.  The marine forecast predicted two to three foot waves with 10 knot winds.  Not bad fishing conditions at all.  I really wanted to know the direction current but with no way of knowing we were off through the port.  The weather had called for showers so i crossed my fingers, tied my bullbuster fluorocarbon leader, and started cutting my bait.  We arrived to the spot dropped anchor and i started to realize the currents were going slight south.  Sometimes you don’t get exactly what you want but you gotta work with it.  With the wind direction south as well we were off fishing with hope of big night time snapper.   

The Stern drew first blood.

Not a big surprise as a regular pulled up around a six pound mangrove.  With only 10 minutes in the trip it looked like the starts of a nice night.  As a couple other people on the stern reel in slob mangrove snapper, the bow started getting action to.  Probably the bigger of the snapper from the night were actually from the bow.  These grovers like checking structure out and a lot of times you can find them schooling by the anchor line.  As the night went on and we moved to a second spot i started thinking how pleasant the trip was going with no fish stealing sharks.  After another hour of constant snapper slaying i had an opportunity to get a live pilchard from a customer with a sebeki.  The first drop and after five minutes BOOM.  The biggest snapper of the night was caught.  Just shows that live bait will weed out the smaller fish.  When mate Bernie pulled anchor i realized i had a nice assorted bag of fish.  Looks like it was another successful night on the Reward!

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Yellow Tail Snapper started pouring in the boat as everybody around us started catching fish as fast as they could get the hooks in the water.  

Bullbuster Mono on the reel and a Circle hook ready with chopped bait was doing the trick.  We all limited out, and gave some fish to the people who did not.  The best part of the trip is watching the shore line as you coast in on a warm summer night with a cooler full of fish and bait smell on your hands.  If you are looking for a great time, and relaxing boat ride, some fresh fish, and a 4 hour fishing trip all in one, you found it here.

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"First cast using a chunk of Ballyhoo, YellowTail"

When we arrived to our first location the wind was blowing out of the south east and the current was running north.  We decided to drop anchor and try our luck...  First cast using a chunk of Ballyhoo, YellowTail.... not what we came for this time but never a bad sight.  Marked it 3 in the head and threw it in the cooler, thank you Bernie.  We tossed our baits back and my friend and I are doubled up on huge Mangrove snapper, SHARK!  Here comes the tax man, right on time we both get taxed.  Eager to get back in the water, I almost hook myself in the hand baiting a tail of ballyhoo.  We send one cast far and one close to the boat, FISH ON!  Now we are pulling these snapper up to the boat as fast as possible to avoid the sharks, which is a rush in the moment, and seeing the sharks chase the fish all the way in gets your hands moving pretty quick.  

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