Fishing Report:

Fishing Report 5/15 - 5/31

Author: Capt. Brandon Jacobson

May Wisconsin Fishing Report

Been busy with very good Coho fishing since our last report. Every trip we are finding large schools of Coho salmon with some Chinook salmon Rainbow trout sprinkled in as well. 

Majority of the fish are being caught in the top of the water column everywhere from 25′ to 200′ of water using small red/orange dodgers and peanut flies on planner boards, Michigan Stinger spoons, Dreamweaver spindoctor rotators all using 20lb. Bullbuster monofilament line and 40lb. Bullbuster leader material. We have been experiencing a number of windy days that have kept us off the lake or limited our fishing grounds to near shore. Fishing should remain steady moving into the summer months with larger numbers of Chinook salmon and Lake trout moving into the fishing grounds off Kenosha Wisconsin. This is when we start implementing our stealth presentations using Bullbuster fluorocarbon line with fewer rods many days in an effort to locate and attract the wary fish as our water warms. 

So far this year we have landed two Chinook salmon over 15 pounds a Lake trout over 20 ponds, a Rainbow trout over 16 pounds and a Brown trout over 18 pounds. There appears to be an abundance of bait fish around this year and the sport fish are enjoying fill bellies most days.

  If you are looking for steady action and the tastiest fish for the grill come out and get your fill of the Coho salmon to bring home your dinner plate!!

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