Fishing Report:

Fishing Report 1/21/18

Author: Flying Fish Charters

January Fishing In Key West 


       Hey everyone, hopefully your staying warm up on the mainland.  The temperature had dropped in to the 50’s here in Key West earlier this week, but everything is starting to warm up here now.  It has been super windy this week again, but at least these next few days look like nice weather.  The tuna bite has been great for a while now and that should continue with the wind direction staying most east to northeast for the early part of this week.  There were a few sailfish caught this past week, with any luck, the sailfishing starts to pick up here. We may start to see some wahoo show up as we approach this next full moon.

Mutton Snapper

        The fishing on the patch reefs has yielded a mixed bag of fish, from snappers to kingfish.  Fishing these shallow rock piles in the winter is great, because they hold a lot of fish and you can stay protected from the wind.  I like to have a variety of baits and chum when I’m fishing these structures and it’s important to cover all levels of the water column, from the surface to the bottom.  It is also important to have a variety of Bullbuster fluorocarbon, sometimes the bigger snappers can be finicky and you have to use light leader.  This is the time of year when the big kingfish move into the shallows too, you can catch them over 50lbs around the rock piles, but your going to need wire leaders to get the Kings. 

Goliath Grouper

       Overall, the backcountry fishing has been tough, the water temperature in the shallows has been in the low 60’s and it most likely stay around there for the next few days.  We managed to catch a couple barracudas earlier in the week, but we saw a lot of fish that we couldn’t get to chase our tubes and lures.  There has been a lot of bait and mud slicks in the basins, fishing around there has been decent, there have been a few trout, along with jacks, snappers and ladyfish.  Shark fishing is another good idea when it gets this cold, the lemon sharks and black tips are active in the shallows right now.

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